Come spend a day with Doc. We will share with you the do’s and most importantly the don’ts of what we call rational grazing. We wish someone would have offered this to us.

View from our backyard.


Ranch layout X=H2O Mat #9

We will address design, fencing (permanent & temporary), rotation and stock selection all of which will be determined according to your goals, your why.

View of our system.

The why is always more important than the how! We can help you with the how but the why is up to you. It may be profit, lifestyle change, healthier soil, grass, animals or you. Rational grazing accomplishes all.

Late June forage condition of grazed and ungrazed.



Between the two of us we have over a hundred years’ experience with livestock and over 20 years’ experience with rational grazing. Let us share this with you.

Isn't it always great to share a meal with a friend?

Come See Us
A day on the farm with Doc is $500 for a group of 1-5. Go home with a portfolio of rational grazing concepts after a day of hands-on learning. Ask questions and get direct answers. Don't worry, we'll feed you too.