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  • - Brix is the amount of sugar in a plant.
  • - High brix levels = healthy plants = insect and disease resistance. This shows the level of photosynthesis.
  • - 6.4 ph reflects optimum vibratory profile of the plant.
    • - If acidic disease attacks.
    • - If alkaline insects attack.
  • - Cations, calcium, potassium and magnesium—if deficient = acid = disease.
  • - Anions, nitrates, phosphates, sulfates—if deficient = alkaline = insects.
  • - High ph often correlates to low brix levels because phosphate is low.
    • - Phosphate = the sugar slave.
  • - Plant derived minerals are 98% bioavailable.
  • - A 1.5 acre grass fire puts out more damaging pollutants than 4,000 cars per second.
  • - In 1975 the US had 45 million cows. In 2012 we had 30 million cows.
  • - The Oglala reservoir is 174,000 square miles, the largest known body of fresh water on earth. In 1940 the average depth was 240 ft., today 80 ft.
  • - In 1930 a Colorado farmer started center pivot irrigation.
  • - Weeds are an index to the character of the soil.
  • - From Andre’ Voisin's book Grass Productivity
    • - Page 236
      • - 1 day grazing - 38 days rest - 5530 lbs/ac forage
      • - 3 days grazing - 35 day rest - 3390 lbs/ac forage
      • - 2,140 lbs increase forage per ac or 38% increase
  • The more brittle (dryer) the environment, the long the recovery time.
  • Eighty-five percent of America's land can be grazed year round.
  • Fifty-six percent of the variation in ranch profitability is tied to the amount of hay fed.
  • Fifty-one percent of American beef consumption is ground beef.
  • We produce three times as much beef from a cow herd the same size as in 1952.
  • Cows eat two-thirds of their day's total forage in the three hours after sunrise.
  • China has 2/5 of the world's population but only 1/10 of the world's arable land.
  • One-third of American food is spoiled due to long distance transportation.
  • The average food item in the USA travels 5,120 miles before being consumed.
  • Grassfed beeves have a higher Omega-3/Omega-6 ratio than salmon.
  • Beeves less than 3 years of age have higher Omega-3 fat levels than older animals.
  • For best meat flavor do not harvest female animals while they are in heat.
  • The average culling age for a dairy cow in the US is 43 months.
  • Flexibility=longevity
  • Diversity=stability

Meet  some of Doc's mentors who have helped him along his rational grazing journey.

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